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Unconditional Contracts – The Importance of Disclosure and Completing Searches

| Commercial Law | No Comments
When entering into an unconditional Contract for the sale of a property, a Seller may be led to believe that they have no obligations to disclose any matters affecting the…

Common Myths About Wills

| Wills & Estates | No Comments
Wills & Estate Lawyers come across many common myths and incorrect assumptions about Wills. Relying on these mistaken beliefs can have serious financial and emotional consequences for your Estate and…

NDIS-Funded Service Providers’ Criminal Screening Obligations

| Commercial Law | No Comments
With the roll-out of the NDIS in Queensland, it is important that service providers who receive NDIS funding are aware of their criminal screening obligations regarding their staff and volunteers.…

Is All of Your Property Held in Your Partner’s Name, Leaving You in a Difficult Situation After Separation?

| Family Law | No Comments
What is a caveat? Caveats may be lodged against the title to land to prevent certain dealings with that land. A person who lodges and has the benefit of the…

What You Need to Know About Commercial Litigation in Queensland

| Commercial Law, Litigation | No Comments
Commercial Litigation Our Solicitors practice in Commercial Litigation helping to resolve disputes between companies, or individuals and companies. Given that a company is considered a legal entity and, therefore, can…

Key Facts to Know About Property Settlement After Divorce or Separation

| Family Law | No Comments
One of the most traumatic times in an adult’s life comes in the unfortunate event of divorce or separation from a long-term partner. But despite the anger, stress and disappointment,…

When Can a Child Decide Which Parent to Live With in Australia?

| Family Law | No Comments
When a spousal relationship breaks down and there are children involved, there are few more fraught issues than those involving the children’s future living arrangements. This is particularly difficult when…

Lawyer Says, “Leave The Will Alone”

| Wills & Estates | No Comments
In her Will, the deceased women gave her second husband the right to live in her home, free of all cost apart from rates and insurance, for the rest of…

Expert Advice In Family Law

| Family Law | No Comments
Adducing further expert evidence in family law proceedings In property proceedings before the Federal Magistrates Court, an Order was made by the Court to appoint a joint expert to value…

Drafting A Will

| Wills & Estates | No Comments
Considering Availability of Assets When Drafting a Will Delaney & Delaney administers many deceased estates, acting for the executors of Wills.  On behalf of the executor, we collect the net…

New Regulations Establishing Governance for Not-For-Profit Sector

| Not-for-profit | No Comments
Established governance standards for entities registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) have now been finalised (NB Entities that are registered charities are automatically registered at the ACNC)…

Case Guardians

| Family Law | No Comments
Appointment of case guardian in family law proceedings When husbands and wives or defacto partners separate, most parties will seek independent legal advice, negotiate a settlement and execute a document…

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